Model UN helps students around the world make meaningful, lasting connections with each other and develop a sense of belonging to a global community. It provides precious insight into how to get involved in current issues, encourages concrete commitment, and helps students project themselves into their future as potential leaders, thinkers, and heralds of change.

MilanMUN's Values

Commitment, Engagement, Cooperation

We strive for each student to find their place in debates, regardless of their experience level, in order to help them find their own voice. Through MUN, they get to take part in meaningful conversations with experienced delegates and beginners alike, and are confronted with situations in which they are either pushed to provide positive leadership examples, or need to listen and be receptive to one another.

Growth Mindset

Whether students have a long experience or are new to MUN, there is always an opportunity to learn and become a better delegate. Many of the skills that they practice during conferences are easily transferred to university life and into the workplace. Moreover, working on and embracing the perspective of different countries in the debates helps students develop their critical thinking and a more nuanced appreciation of different points of view.


Participating in MUN workshops and conferences gives the opportunity to meet people and students from all over the world, to gain a deeper knowledge of current issues and thus to get a wider personal and academic knowledge. Our central location in Milan facilitates the meeting and exchange with other schools, favouring the hosting of international schools and groups, and the participation in international events.

Diversity and Inclusion

Helping students mix with peers from different backgrounds and cultures is one of the core purposes of MilanMUN. Our delegates are systematically taught to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment for all, so as to reap the benefits of a positive, mutually understanding atmosphere during conferences and workshops. Living such an experience in their formative years creates ripple effects that will help students appreciate the potential of diversity throughout their future lives.